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Healing Hands Chiropractic Center is proud to be a chiropractic provider in Hebron for over 20 years.  Dr. Tristin Thompson has been treating patients suffering from a range of muscular, spine and nervous system problems since 1993.  Our office provides gentle and effective chiropractic care with excellent customer service and a veteran staff.   We are ready and happy to help you in achieving pain relief and return to your normal life style in a comfortable natural way!
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Dr. Tristin R. Thompson and her experienced staff are here to help you.   Every day, thousands of people try chiropractic for the very first time.  Our goal is to get you feeling better, feeling stronger and best of all...healthier.  You need your spine for everything you do, from shoveling snow, driving long distances, standing at work, sitting at a computer, digging in the garden or playing golf.  Give it a try!  Get out of pain without taking medication, learn how to take care of your spine on a daily basis and live a healthier lifestyle with natural chiropractic treatment.  Dr. Thompson says: "I started Healing Hands Chiropractic in 1993 and after 20 years in practice, patients always tell me... I wish I had done this sooner. Nobody ever says.... I wish I waited." 
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Dr Thompson, Chiropractor

What we treat: 

We treat a variety of musculoskeletal complaints most commonly neck pain, back pain, sciatica and headaches.  However, we also treat arm/leg pains from pinched nerves, cervical and lumbar disc bulge, osteoarthritis of the spine, degeneration of the spinal joints/discs and migraine headaches.  We can treat injuries related to sports, car accidents or work duties.  These could include conditions such as: sprain/strains, whiplash, shoulder rotator cuff disorders, bursitis, carpal tunnel syndrome and tennis elbow, to name a few.  In addition, Dr. Thompson has had great success with other less frequent conditions like:  fibromyalgia, TMJ, spondylolisthesis, post spinal surgery pain, plantar fascitis, patello-femoral syndrome. 

Take the First Step:

We treat patients from all over Northern Kentucky, Indiana and some of our patients come from Ohio.  We are near the Cincinnati Airport and close off I-275.  In fact, we are about a 15 minute drive from downtown Cincinnati.  Every day, we save special appointment times for new patients.  That way we can usually offer same day appointments or within 24 hours.  We offer flexible scheduling, and our office is regularly open for evening hours up to 7pm.  So, there's sure to be a time that works for you.  You won't know if chiropractic care can help you until you take the first step.  Schedule your initial consultation now so Dr. Thompson can talk to you and evaluate you.  She will let you know if chiropractic can help.  If she doesn't think she can help, she will refer you to someone who can!
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